How To Earn Passively With Our NFT Marketplace?

No time to earn with NFTs but still want to benefit? No Problem, become a referral partner and earn 50% of the fees from every referred buyer. No registration required, everyone is eligible!

How does it work?

The process is straight forward and simple: add your Ethereum address to our marketplace links, share the link and earn 1% (=50%) on each sale made by the buyers you referred.

How to withdraw funds?

On our marketplace’s main page open Market Options => Withdraw funds.

WIthdraw funds pre-lookup
Balance post-lookup & withdraw button


Our referral system is as simple as it gets and gives you the opportunity to earn passively with a few clicks. Just keep sharing your referral links and you’ll be ready to earn. is THE hub for NFT projects. Create, manage and market your collections without any line of code while fully owning your contracts.