Announcing the Unifty Arabic Community Team

Recently Unifty announced our first introduction for the Arabic speaking world. This comes on top of our outreach in multiple languages to various communities around the world, including the Chinese, Korean, German, and Dutch communities.

The Arabic speaking world is an important region for Unifty and our partners given the level of interest from participants in the region in innovation, cryptocurrencies and especially NFTs. While Arabic speakers represent a large crypto community, regionally focused groups have not been as prominent amongst other NFT focused projects. We believe that this presents an opportunity for Unifty to speak directly with this large and growing community and to work on behalf of NFT creators and collectors more widely.

To this end Unifty has appointed Mr. Ali Akbar (@zmbawi14) and Dr. Zakariya Hassan (@zako0r) based in Kuwait to help Unifty raise the profile of the project, NFTs and tailor our offerings to the local market. Ali and Zak are deeply rooted in the blockchain community in the Middle East and the G.C.C. in particular, with over 6 years experience in the industry between them. We look forward to benefiting from their wealth of experience and knowledge! is THE hub for NFT projects. Create, manage and market your collections without any line of code while fully owning your contracts.