It has been predicted that 2021 will be the year of NFTs. Those predictions are already coming to fruition January — Rarible and Opensea report record sales. New projects like Flow Chain are facilitating high-demand NFTs such as NBA Top Shot.

But what about individual artists and promising new NFT projects? Read how Unifty is attempting to help.

If we look at the actual rankings at OpenSea and examine the average sales on the highest grossing NFT market Rarible, we clearly see an obstacle for new and established artists: the 0.002 …

Unifty. io is fully dedicated to the EIP- 1155 standard on Ethereum Mainnet and L2 chains but doesn’t want to exclude users of the still popular EIP-721 standard.

To be able to address this, we created a nice feature that allows you to convert any EIP-721 NFT following the standard to be converted into EIP-1155 NFTs.

Additionally, you may fractionalize your EIP-721 NFT into many EIP-1155 of the same type. This gives you a lot of custom opportunities for trading and NFT mechanics, similar to fractionalizing into EIP-20 tokens, but this time between NFTs.

You are also able to get…

Today we introduce the next iteration in Unifty’s tool set for NFT creators, the Market Builder. Much like the Unifty Farm Builder, which allows users to quickly and easily create DeFi-like staking of tokens for NFTs, which are controlled only by their owner, the Market Builder is an easy interface that creates dedicated marketplaces which are decentralized and Creator owned and controlled. Rather than relying on centralized services, or predefined rule sets, Creators can build their own custom markets with their own fee rules on which NFTs can be bought and sold on their marketplace. …

Recently Unifty announced our first introduction for the Arabic speaking world. This comes on top of our outreach in multiple languages to various communities around the world, including the Chinese, Korean, German, and Dutch communities.

The Arabic speaking world is an important region for Unifty and our partners given the level of interest from participants in the region in innovation, cryptocurrencies and especially NFTs. While Arabic speakers represent a large crypto community, regionally focused groups have not been as prominent amongst other NFT focused projects. …

Unifty are proud to announce our first introduction for our rapidly growing Arabic speaking community. We look forward to strengthening our ties with creators and community across the Arabic speaking world!!!! 🦄

يونيفتي هي محور لمشاريع الرموز الغير قابلة للإستبدال (NFT). اصنع وتحكم واعرض تشكيلتك للشراء أوالبيع بدون أي متطلبات لمعرفة البرمجة، بالإضافة إلى قدرتك على التملك الكامل للعقود.

تعطي يونيفتي الأولوية لتطوير النظام الأساسي وتغطية أكبر لدعم المبدعين ومجتمعاتهم. يحافظ المشروع بنشاط على الحوار مع المستخدمين والمجتمع لتحديد أولويات اهتماماتهم الرئيسية.

: الحقائق والمميزات لدى يونيفتي

١- لامركزية بالكامل

٢- انت فقط تملك العقد الذكي

٣- مشروع الاطلاق العادل

٤- رمز مستخدم وظيفي ومفيد

In this tutorial, we’re going to go through a quick explanation on how to set up a new NFT farm.

We’ll start on Unifty using the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet, where the tokens are free. If you’re wondering where to get some: If you’ve not already done so, you’ll need to install MetaMask on your desktop browser (works on Chrome, Brave and Firefox).

If you got yourself some Rinkeby ETH, let’s move on. Go to and be sure that you’re connected (there should be a little green light and a line that says “connected”). …

Today we’re going to go through a quick rundown on how to setup a new NFT collection and create your first NFT, then we’ll sell it!

We’ll start on Unifty using the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet, it works like Ethereum but the tokens are free. You can get some here:

If you’ve not already done so, you’ll need MetaMask installed on your desktop browser (I’m using Brave but MetaMask works with Chrome and Firefox as well). …

As the NFT hype cycle approaches max volume, predictable bluster has become commonplace. New projects with little more than a list of investors and an untouched roadmap are buying media coverage in an attempt to create and ride a wave of pure promise. Like the 2017 cycle of ICO vaporware, NFTs are the latest crypto flex. All of this is creating a market capitalization, but is it warranted?

Ripped from the headlines :

  • “Binance will list SuperFarm (SUPER) in the Innovation Zone”
  • “Mr. Beast invests in Refinable — BSC’s first NFT marketplace”
  • “NYSE launches ‘First Trade’ NFTs of Spotify, Snowflake and more”
  • “NFTs are in…

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have captured the imagination of the crypto community as well as newcomers experiencing crypto for the first time. With headlines of eye watering sales prices for famous NFT pieces as well as a vibrant community of artists, game builders, and innovators leveraging the power of unique tokens, NFTs may finally deliver crypto’s “mainstream moment.”

While there has been newfound promise from NFTs, issues remain, including the high price of gas costs, user experience, accessibility and deeper utility to make this movement sustainable., the framework to enable the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polkadot ecosystem’s…

No time to earn with NFTs but still want to benefit? No Problem, become a referral partner and earn 50% of the fees from every referred buyer. No registration required, everyone is eligible!

How does it work?

The process is straight forward and simple: add your Ethereum address to our marketplace links, share the link and earn 1% (=50%) on each sale made by the buyers you referred.

Once a buyer purchases an NFT the first time, you will continuously keep earning from any of the buyer’s subsequent purchases on our marketplace.

Use the links below and replace YOUR-ETHEREUM-ADDRESS with your actual address to… is THE hub for NFT projects. Create, manage and market your collections without any line of code while fully owning your contracts.

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